PURA - created with love & passion.


Traveling the world has inspired us whilst getting to know new people, places, cultures and smells.

We - two sisters from Lucerne - with an ever-growing dream in mind - have diligently gained gastronomic experience at Switzerland and abroad to create our own culinary oasis in the future.


For ethical, ecological and health reasons, we have decided to open a plant-based restaurant. We have come to know and love the vegan diet for about a year in close coexistence with nature in South America.


That is how PURA came into life. We want to share our passion & creativity in the plant-based gastronomy & offer a place that will become an yummy experience for you.

It gives us great pleasure to thrill our guests & friends with delicious meals. Come by & enjoy!

Carola & Bettina

Bettli & Cari.jpg